Why Custom Animated Explainer Videos Are the Best Choice for Your Business Company

If you are interested in spending some of your marketing budgets on an explainer video, then we encourage you to keep going as you are doing the right thing. There is no better tool to use to present your business company and promote the products or services you are selling.

However, in order to get the best out of your investment, your new animated explainer video should be completely customized.

There are two ways of creating an animated explainer video, the first way is by doing it quickly and cheaply by using a video template and the second way is a more professional way or making a custom animated explainer video that will target your specific group and get the ultimate marketing results you are looking for.

Here is why you should definitely go for custom animated explainer videos:

  • Stand out from the competition – If you want to stand out from the others, you need to show how professional, experienced, and reliable your business company is. There is no better way to show it than using a custom animated explainer video that suits your products or services perfectly. Go for a high-quality animated video that will make your products and services stand out and help you attract the attention of your potential customers.
  • The best ROI – A custom explainer video is without a doubt the best way to get the promotional results you are looking for as it targets the audience directly and motivates them to spend more time watching your new explainer video. Also, it leads your potential buyers to grow empathy and trust in your brand at the same time. According to a research, the custom marketing video can increase your sales by 20%.
  • Identifies with your target group – Visual elements, custom designs, and characters make your potential buyers feel identified with. Without a custom design, you can’t expect to reach your target audience and their needs the way you are supposed to.

The explainer videos are made to help you stand out from the crowd, so if your video is of a low quality, your entire business would be the one to blame. Instead, go for high-quality and custom-made explainer video and grab the attention of your potential customers!

Great Examples of Brands Using Explainer Videos to Boost Sales


A lot of big brands and business companies are taking advantage of the power of video to maximize their sales. Most of these brands have endless resources so they can create any type of video message they want.

If you didn’t take advantage of the power of the explainer videos so far, you are at a huge loss. In this article, we are going to present you 4 examples of brands who have used explainer videos to boost their sales.

You can find all of their explainer videos online. As you look at their videos, make sure to consider which type of approach suits your business the most.

  1. American Greetings – This company has launched a funny video where they invite a couple of people on a fake interview. Most of the people had absolutely no clue the job posting was fake and some of them started to have suspicions as the interview asked of them to work 24/7 with no break for 365 days per year. At the end of the video, it is revealed that the whole interview is a tribute to motherhood which is the toughest job in the world. This was a pretty unique approach and even though involved no direct sales, it certainly increased the interest in their brand.
  2. GoPro Cameras – Another brand that decided to take advantage of the explainer videos’ power. They’ve created a story of a traditional analogy how a fireman saves a kitten. They have managed to show how their cameras could be used in different ways or to capture more than common or everyday events. Since its launch date, their video has received more than 30 million views.
  3. Crazy Egg – Crazy Egg is a brand that specialized in a unique heatmap-type technology that enables customers to track what their customers and buyers are doing. The animated video they have created illustrates what this business company can do for their customers.
  4. Mint – This is a very popular financial app that helps you coordinate all of your financial accounts into one mobile app. The explainer video explains how someone could use their app and take control of their financial life.

Inspired yet? Are you ready to create your own explainer video? Do it now! The world is waiting to see and hear your message!

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