How to Market Your Products on a Limited Budget

You are just starting, and most of your budget has gone into setting up your business. You have fantastic products but would have to wait for your bank account to recover before you can aggressively spend money on your advertising campaigns. However, all is not lost; you have so many options for marketing on a limited budget. We will show you how.

· Guerrilla Marketing

Forget about having a big budget; all you need is imagination and a high level of creativity. Even a small business can maximize on guerrilla marketing to create awareness of their brand and products. Some of the things you can consider doing include creating awareness for your physical store using artwork. Imagine how much attention you would get if people woke up in the morning to some fantastic graffiti on your store window. It may sound crazy, but it will get people talking and visiting your store.

Flash mobs are also a creative way of getting attention. You do not even have to hire professional dancers. If you have an active presence in the community, use the young people to organize a flash mob. It is a fun, engaging, and very creative way of generating brand awareness.

· Social Media

Social media is an inexpensive way of creating awareness for your products and brands. You must, however, take your time to understand what the different platforms offer, and who their target audience is. You can then create targeted messaging so that you can be sure that the audience reads what you post. With a small budget, you can boost some of your posts. Facebook ads are also quite affordable and are quite useful in reaching the target audiences.

· Use of Content

The modern customer is hungry for good content. You will find them on the online spaces hungrily searching for information and entertainment. They also research a lot on the online platform before making any purchasing decisions. With a website, you can maximize the need for content by creating it. You have the option of videos, podcasts, and blogs, among others. The audiences will view you as an authority. You will get free traffic to your website, and most importantly, you will have a high-ranking on Google. Even if you do not have the skill to do it yourself, you will find thousands of freelancers who have the expertise to do some great work.

· Giveaways

Giveaways are an inexpensive way of creating brand awareness and marketing your products. Think about setting up contests where people can win some fantastic prizes. You could even have special categories like prices for the best pictures, the best product descriptions, and the most creative use of your products, among others. You get to collect user-generated content and can use it in marketing at a later stage. Customers also love businesses that give them free things. They will most likely come back or even refer your family and friends to your shop.

· Partnerships

Partner with those in complementary businesses. Not only do you get to move your product, but you also get a high level of credibility depending on who you partner with. If, for example, you sell beauty products, you can seek a partnership with the salons in the area. You can then send referrals to each other. They can also stock your products in their shop and earn a commission for every sale. If you run a taxi service, seek partnerships with local hotels. You can become there cab driver of choice, and in return, you can send customers their way. Partnerships provide a win-win situation for everyone who is involved.

Use Scalable Advertising Channels

The reality is that conventional advertising on print, TV, or radio can be costly. You may also have a challenge measuring how effective they are when you compare the ROI to the expenditure. Online advertising is cheaper, and you have many tools that will allow you to target your communication. Google ads, Facebook ads, pay-per-click, Google list my business, yahoo, being among others, will give your brand exposure at a very low cost.

You should also not downplay marketing tools such as promotions in the form of telephone holding messages. You can even think about low-cost marketing merchandise like car magnets, t-shirts, umbrellas, among others. You will find many suppliers overseas who can customize products for you, and ship them to you at a low price.

· Media

With the right messaging, and the right connections, the media will give your brand free publicity. Send out press releases, picture releases, create publicity stunts, among others. Also look for publicity opportunities around CSR activities, sponsorships, industry Awards, among others.

Develop a relationship with the media by feeding them with relevant industry information. You could also send your products to specific journalists so that they can provide a review. You will find that the more they get to know you, the more they seek you out anytime they need industrial related content.

Create an account on Help a Reporter Out (HARO). This is a site where journalists will ask questions regarding different things. Responding to the media questions will position you as an authority in your field. You also have the advantage of the journalist quoting your name and brand in the news article. In this way, you build awareness of your business and products.

Seek speaker opportunities at events where you know the media will be. The audience will be happy to gain invaluable knowledge from you because you are an expert. The media will also get to know about you, and will most likely call you up anytime they have a query around your industry.

Final Thoughts

It is not only the big companies that have the financial might who can advertise. With the right marketing techniques, you can generate a lot of awareness for your company on a Shoestring budget. We have shared with you some fantastic ideas you can implement in your business. Take the time to see the one that works well for you and maximize on it.

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