Use These Online Tools to Market Your Business for Free

Building Brand and product awareness are essential for any company. However, if you are starting your entrepreneurial journey, you may not have sufficient funds to invest in your marketing campaigns. We have good news for you; the internet has fantastic resources that you can use to create awareness of your company for free. Read on for some excellent ideas.

· Use Promotional Videos

Platforms such as YouTube and Flickr allow you to use video content to push your messaging. People want to know about your business and brand, and with the videos, you do not have the restrictions of text. What we mean is that, when you are writing, you can only say so much without boring the audience out of their minds. But with the creative use of video content, an engaging speaker, and high-quality videos, you are sure to generate the relevant interest.

· Embrace community social responsibility

We all live in a society, and there are many problems within. Those in business operate in the community, and they must, therefore, do their part to make a change. Not only do you get to show that your company has a human side, but you get to make a positive impact. Participating in socially responsible activities can create awareness for your company. You do not even have to spend money to show that you care.

You can, for example, organize cleanup days where the company gets together with the citizenry to clean the park, and roads. You could volunteer your services to cook for the community or even help in the kitchens that feed poor people. Anytime you are participating in such events, make sure your staff members wear branded t-shirts as a way of advertising your company.

Take lots of pictures and post them on your website and social media pages. Customers get a warm feeling when they see that the company they are transacting with cares about the community.

· Participate In Webinars and Professional Conferences

You may have a particular skill and have become quite an authority in it. You can offer your services to speak at a webinar or a conference. Many professionals volunteer for the TED talks. The benefits include building yourself as an authority in your field and getting a chance to talk about your brand and products.

· Give Out Freebies

Run a promotion on your website or social media pages and give fantastic freebies as the prizes. You build awareness of your products, and you also get to collect customer details that you will use in your future marketing activities.

· User-Generated Content

Encourage followers to send in pictures, articles, or even videos of particular things they may be doing. You could, for example, tie in a contest for some fantastic prizes, for anyone who sends pictures where they are using your product. Go a step further and encourage participation by asking people to vote for the best photograph or video. The right kind of prizes will generate a lot of interest and Buzz.

· Put Your Business on Google My Business Listing

Make sure you put your business on Google My Business Listing. Research shows that up to 71% of customers will look for a company online before they go to the physical location. Google has become the most dominant search engine, and you must have a presence on it. Luckily they have made the process very simple with the Google my listings. The best part is you do not even pay a cent to list a business there. Make your listing stand out by putting in reviews, and images to get the necessary attention.

· Take Advantage of Customer Reviews And Testimonials

You have probably wanted to buy something. Before you did, you ask family and friends, who have used the product to give you their reviews. After that, you probably went online to check out what the other customers have to say. Many a time, you may have abandoned the idea of buying that particular item, because you did not like the reviews.

The reverse applies; you may have bought something based on what the customers had to say. So you need to do the same thing on your website and social media pages. Positive customer reviews and feedback is a fantastic marketing tool. Video testimony is also compelling. With the permission of your customers, you should upload them on all your online platforms.

· Create or Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a fantastic way to market your business for free. You get like-minded people to share ideas and discuss pertinent issues. You can create the group, or join existing ones,  but you have to make sure that you are active and share valuable content. The more you share, the more your profile grows. However be careful about what you share, it might work against you if people think you are coming across as a know-it-all. See what people are saying and only give your two cents if you know it will add value.

· Become A Source of Information

There are many channels you can utilize to build your profile as an industry expert. Platforms such as Quora have people who are always looking for answers to specific questions. Set an alert so that if any question within your industry comes up, you will get a notification, thereby allowing you to participate in the discussion.

Other sites like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) are also excellent places to share your knowledge. You also have the added benefit of potentially landing on publications such as Forbes and Huffington Post. The journalists will also get to know you and may reach out directly to you. Remember, 3rd party endorsement is stronger than any advertising you can do for your company.

Final Thoughts

Creating brand awareness does not always require the use of money. The online platform has given businesses an excellent opportunity to market themselves for free. We have shared some unique ideas above, and all you need to do is take the time to learn how to do it properly.

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