Marketing Tips For Social Media: Mistakes To Avoid

The Social Media platform has made it easy for businesses of all sizes and kinds to advertise. It is cost-effective, and you can do it in-house. However, many companies failed to reap any benefits, and they wonder why. It is a simple as not having the right techniques, resulting in avoidable mistakes. So what are these mistakes, and what should you do to avoid them.

· Not Having a Social Media Strategy

You understand the importance of having a good product, targeting the right people, and the right team. However, you fail to realize that for a successful social media marketing, you must have a strategy. Your strategy must incorporate your goals, the target audience, the Tactics you will use, and timelines.

· Not Understanding Who Your Target Audience Is

A good marketing plan requires you to understand your target audience. You will need the same when you are doing your social media marketing.

· Not Understanding the Different Social Media Platforms

There are various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others. Each platform has its audience, which you need to be aware of. It will help you determine the kind of content you push out. Posting relevant content is a sure way to engage your online followers.

· Ignoring Feedback

Social media is a place where things happen quickly. Immediately you post an ad for a product; you may get some feedback. If you ignore what people are saying, it could hurt your business. Many companies are especially afraid of dealing with negative feedback.  They tend to delete it or ignore it. Yet, one disgruntled customer can start a social media fire you will find very difficult to put off. Take the customer feedback as a sign that you need to do something about your product or service offering.

Respond promptly, and no matter how heated the conversation becomes; you must maintain a level head. You will never win if you pick a fight with an online user. You must have a social media crisis plan in place. It will detail the steps to take every time there is negative feedback. It will become the rule book that guides everyone’s activity while on the online platform.

· Focusing Too Much On Promotions

People come to the social media space to relax and to interact with other people. You will achieve more by showing your human side. If you keep on pushing promotions, or marketing material you will lose out on your audience is. If you must promote your products, use subtle messaging. Stories are a fantastic way to sell a product. You can also use tutorials that add fun, engaging elements to your message.

Avoid using too many links in your posts. An occasional link is fine, and you will find that more people will click on it, than when you keep on putting them in everything you post.

· Engagement Is Essential

You will get a loyal following if you take the time to engage with your audiences. If you go quiet, you will not have a social media presence. Your followers will run to your competitors, who are talking to their audiences actively.

You may have also come across social media pages that never have any updates. It almost feels like they set up the page and forgot about it. Why then would a follower waste their time on such a platform? You must have someone actively working on the pages at all times. Having a social media team is vital to meet the goals of your marketing strategy. You need someone who will always be on the lookout for what is happening in the online space. The person or team should also be able to analyze, create content, and communicate with the customers, among others.

· Not Targeting Your Content Appropriately

Targeting your content appropriately requires that you have a good understanding of the different platforms. Some companies will have similar messaging across all their social media platforms. Yet the truth is that what the audience on LinkedIn will find relevant, does not translate into relevance on other platforms like Instagram. You must create content that shows you have a good understanding of the final consumer.

· Trying To Be Everywhere

Social media platforms have made it possible to be on as many platforms as you wish. However, it is a bad idea to try and be everywhere. Understand the audience, and where they are likely to be and maximize on those platforms. Even if it means that you are only on two of them, you can market more effectively by putting all your energy into those two. It provides you with the chance to engage better with your followers and generate content that is relevant to them.

Also, make sure that you maintain consistency in all your social media platforms. You may raise a few eyebrows if you have different profiles for all your pages.  Not only will you confuse your followers, but you come across as a bit shady.

· Not Measuring the Performance of Your Social Media Campaigns

Any marketing activity you undertake must have a way of measuring its success. You will find fantastic online tools such as Google Analytics to help you track what you are doing. It gives you an excellent insight into what is working and what is not. It also allows you to see the kind of followers you have and what content is popular. You will also get to know how the audience engages with your content, and whether you are making any conversions.

 Final Thoughts

You have the opportunity to take your marketing activities to the next level on social media platforms. You must, however, be watchful so that you avoid the mistakes we have highlighted above. Take your time in developing the right strategy so that you can reap maximum benefits from the social media platforms.

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