Advertising Ideas for a Small Business

Advertising will help a business increase market awareness. You, therefore, get to expand your consumer base and increase your sales. However, advertising can be expensive, especially for start-ups. There are, however, some fantastic ideas you can implement that are pocket-friendly. We will explore some in our article below.

· List Your Business on Google My Business

Google my business is a fantastic product for anyone who may not have a humongous advertising budget. By listing your business there, you will become visible to the target audiences. Your company will, therefore, appear on Google Maps, Google Knowledge panel, and Google search. You can also use the page to educate your customers on the products you are selling. The page also provides a fantastic way of collecting customer reviews. You can even promote products, events, promotions, or news.

Using the platform is as easy as creating a profile, and optimizing for local searches. Test that the page is optimized for Google; you can get free reports in less than 30 seconds.

· Local Listings

Put your business on the local directories. It will benefit the company because people use the internet to search for a business before they go to the physical location. You can find a list of local directories with a simple internet search.

· Promotions

Promotions are a fantastic way of incentivizing your customers. You will get referrals and build loyalty among your customers. Word of mouth is potent and continues to be an essential advertising tool.

· Print Collateral

Make sure your company has business cards, brochures, and flyers. You can get a local distributor to do it for you inexpensively. Include all the company details, especially email, telephone, and your website.

Branding for your team is also essential. Get t-shirts, lanyards, hearts, jackets, among others. While you may think that the Investment is high, it is a wonderful way to advertise a business. You can also use the items for promotions. Anytime you have an event outside of the office; you should ask your staff members to wear them.

· Local dailies

Print advertising is a powerful way of marketing your business. You will find various options at various price points that you can use to advertise your company. Combine this with editorial, press releases, and news items so that you get more publicity for your company. When people see that you are contributing to their local newspapers, they are more likely to look for you in case they need help with anything.

· Radio Contests

Radio contests are fun, and people participate because they know they have a chance to win something. You will have to part with some money to pay for the promotions, but it is a worthwhile investment. Shop around, but make sure the radio station you up for has a good listenership. Also, look for time slots when you are sure that people are listening to the radio. It could be early in the morning when people are in their vehicles going to work. The evening rush hour is also a good time because people are likely to tune into their favorite radio stations.

· Events

Events may be a bit expensive, but holding the right one can give you a lot of brand awareness. There are various types of events, including festivals, workshops, parties, charity events, among others. Webinars are also the right way of creating awareness of your company. You hold them online and will, therefore, not have to take care of the cost of renting a physical location.

Send out direct mailers, use your social media platforms, and incorporate the use of signage to spread awareness of the event.

· Direct Mailers

Direct mailers are a fantastic way of reaching a specific target since you use a mailing list. You can send out your advertisements to the customers so that they know what is happening in your company. It also provides a fantastic way of doing promotions, launching new products, asking for product reviews, among others.

· Paid Advertisements

You can have paid advertisements, both offline and online. You choose where you want to place your ad, thus ensuring prominence. If you are on the web page, you will be noticeable and will come up in the search engines results. Make sure you have the right target audience and use keywords that consumers typically search for.

· Branding On Company Cars

Branding company cars is a powerful way of getting your company in people’s minds. Every time your car goes by, people are sure to notice the branding. Focus on attractive branding, so that you pull the audience’s eyes to what you are trying to pass across. Whether they are moving or not, branding is sure to stand out.

· Advertising On Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have the advantage of being free, and signing up is easy. All you need to do is create a company profile, and you are good to go. Now take advantage of the advertising opportunities to generate awareness for your company. You may need to part with some money, but the expenditure will not be as high as print or TV advertising. Just make sure you have the right demographic, the right content, and the right platform.

· Distribute Your Collateral in High Traffic Areas

You can generate company awareness by putting some of the advertising material in high-traffic areas. Some malls will have notice boards, where you can post your brochures or flyers.

You can also hand out the printables to people who are working on the streets or in the traffic jam. Do note, some people do not like to be bothered, and may refuse to take the flyers. However, they form a small percentage, so you will be able to reach more people.

Final Thoughts

There are various methods a small business can use to advertise the brand or products. Some like Google listings or the local directories are free. Others may require that you part with some money. If you opt for the latter, make sure your advertising is targeted and has relevant content. You will build awareness for your company, thus ensuring that you get customers walking in through the doors.