Marketing Your Business Online For Free: Pitfalls To Avoid

You have many tools you can use to create awareness for your business. Some do not even require that you spend any money. Such include listing your business in the online directories, setting up a Google my listings page, use of social media platforms, among others. You get to create awareness for your business and attract customers. However, certain pitfalls will negatively impact upon your marketing. So which are these and how can you avoid them.

· Not Having A Focus Or Goal In Mind

You have probably read our previous articles and know that there are so many tools you have available. You can barely contain your excitement, and cannot wait to start your marketing. However, we would ask you to pause for a minute and focus your mind on what you want to do.

Before you start any marketing campaign, you need to have clear goals, and timelines, among others. Whatever you do must be measurable, and most of all, you should not go into it with unrealistic expectations. We would, therefore, suggest that you think about what you want to do, and the tactics you want to employ.

· Trying To Do Too Much At Once

You have so many excellent tools you can use to market your business for free. So since they are free, why not just use them all. As good as the idea sounds, the only thing you will achieve is to spread yourself too thin. You will then send out content that is not relevant, nor targeted. Eventually, you will wonder why you seem to be working so hard and not getting any conversions.

We would suggest that you take two or three good ideas, build upon them. Once they are up, and you are starting to see some results, then think about adding another one. While it is possible to do some of the things concurrently, in other instances, you may need to narrow your focus. If, for example, you decide to optimize on the social media platforms, it would not make sense for you to be on all the platforms. Choose two or three, narrow your focus and target, and maximize.

· Not Measuring the Results of Your Marketing Activities

You have to keep track of the marketing activities whether you are paying for them or not. Only then can you determine that what you are doing is working. If it is not, you can either ditch it or tweak it appropriately. Google Analytics will give you insights into your marketing efforts. You will get to see whether you are attracting visitors to your page, how long they stay there, what they do once they are on, among other things.

There are also other ways to know whether your marketing efforts are working. You may, for example;-

  • Start to notice that more people are calling in and asking about your products meaning you are sure to create some level of awareness.
  • You could also be getting quite a bit of PR coverage in the local media.
  • You may have an increase in the number of walk-in’s if you have a physical store.
  • Your online community may have grown quite significantly organically.
  • You find that people are liking, subscribing, sharing, or commenting on your posts. You could be getting several referrals from happy customers.
  • Your sales may be better than they have ever been, among other indicators.

· Not Following Up

Many of your online activities will generate leads that you have to follow up to convert. Research shows that many times, when people come to your website, they are not quite ready to buy. The conversion rate is as low as 1%, meaning you have to look for a way to reach the other 99%.

A proper business person knows that a hot lead can turn cold in seconds. You have to convert those potential customers within the shortest time possible. Your website should, therefore, have a way of capturing pertinent customer information so that your team can call or send an email. You can also retarget your advertising so that you push that customer, who has not quite decided to buy, into making a purchasing decision.

· Not Giving Your Online Marketing the Relevant Resource

It may surprise you that many businesses continue to disregard the importance of online marketing. Even if they are starting to embrace it, the role will usually go to an intern or a low-level executive. While we are in no way saying that these people cannot do a good job, they may not necessarily have the support of the top Executives.

An excellent online marketing strategy requires someone who understands the online space and the right marketing techniques. Invest in having the right resource to handle your online marketing. As a small or new company, you will not have the ability to hire an in-house person full time.  But, you can work with freelancers who are professionals who do not want to go back to employment. They charge less, and you can be sure that they know that to keep you, they will do an excellent job.

· Being On The Online Platform Because You Think You Should Be

Some entrepreneurs are on the online platform just because they think they should be there. They do not take the time to do proper research, on how the platforms can benefit them. Any campaigns they put out are not well put together, and give the impression that there was not much of a thought process behind it. They do not seem to have a good understanding of who they are targeting and seem to lack a cohesive flow on all their platforms.

Do not launch an online campaign without being clear about why you are doing it. You will waste time and money, and the public may pick up on your ignorance which could impact on your credibility.

Final Thoughts

You will find many resources you can use in the online platform to market your business. Many of them are free and have the potential to generate a lot of brand awareness. You must, however, take note of the mistakes people make as we have highlighted above, and avoid them.