How to Grow and Manage Your Business In 2020

Being an entrepreneur today gives you an advantage that many others over past generations have not had. In days past, it took a lot of capital and physical resources to get your business going. Today, however, things have changed quite a bit.  In this day and age, you can create a company from the comfort of your home and grow it to be a successful enterprise where you earn as much as a full-time job and even more. However, even with things that changed, you need to manage your business in such a way that you keep growing every quarter.

Many companies that have embraced technology have strived, and those that rejected technology have been left behind. When using technology, one has the tools that are required to improve management, productivity and enhance workflow. Here are some of the ways a company can utilize technology to build their small businesses, manage them and make them grow

Professional and Responsive Website

A company should strive to have a fully responsive and beautifully designed website. This means that the sites should detect automatically the device which it’s being viewed on. Therefore, it will adjust to the best possible view on tablets, mobile devices and desktop pcs. This is because the world is going mobile and most users access the Internet by using a mobile device. Having a highly responsive website translates to having a higher Google search ranking. Having a high ranking means that there will be increased revenue and sales.

Use productivity tools

To be most productive your business, it is highly advisable that you utilize productivity tools. These tools help the entire business to run its operations more efficiently. Using these tools include Human Resource, accounting and customer relations software to get the most out of the firm. Nowadays this software are not as expensive as before. Businesses have the freedom to use an online suite of tools that eliminate the need for the organization to install expensive networked infrastructure and for remote working, a VPN structure.

Remove the point of sales systems

Point-of-sales systems have become unnecessarily bulky and outdated. These systems do not utilize the power of technology and are therefore inefficient. Nowadays smartphones and tablets come with free applications that replace these archaic POS systems. This means that small businesses can use these tablets to accept payments in more ways than hard physical cash. In today’s market, many applications can be used to gain an advantage in this highly competitive business world.

Utilize marketing and sales plugins

Marketing is an essential tool in using the full potential for your business. It effectively assists potential customers to be aware of your goods and services. As part of sales, at the comments section of different products on the business’ blog or social media website, the company needs to interact with its customers and potential customers by actually answering any questions they might have on any service or product offered. Sales plugins have several advantages over native systems because it enables real-time notifications with updates on activity happening on the social media platform or blogs.

Big Data

Organizations should collect and analyze the massive amounts of data that flows through it daily. When a company has big data, they can use analytics tools to filter through all the present information and give feedback which can be later used to improve the quality of service the organization offers. Using big data is also cheaper than traditional tools, e.g., data warehouses and marts. Big data also facilitates better and faster decision making that can influence the success of the organization.

However, running a successful business isn’t all about technology. The human resources are also a key component required for success to be found. However, conflict in the workplace will always arise. As such, you are required to manage the business by managing your people so that they can remain as productive as possible and also for the overall atmosphere at the workplace. Here are some of the ways to go about it.

Clearly define acceptable behavior

Leaving the precise definition of acceptable behavior in the workplace up for the assumption is a recipe for disaster. Clearly defining what constitutes of unprofessional conduct is a huge leap in a positive direction. Having a framework for decisions, encouraging excellent business practices during team-building exercises and leadership development, will help to avoid conflicts.

Approach conflict head on

It is a fact that you cannot always prevent conflicts, but it is better to avoid them either way. This is because when you seek out areas that are likely to have disagreements and to make a decisive decision, you will probably prevent a conflict from arising at all. If there is a conflict at all, the best way is to deal with it as quickly, fairly and decisively as possible. This helps parties involved to move forward as soon as possible. Time spent pondering on a situation in most cases inflates the situation and gives time for resentment to take root.

Do not use coercion and intimidation

When people have emotional outbursts and coerce others and think that the problem is gone, they are usually very wrong. This does nothing for you long term but quiets the problem for a short time. This is until feelings have festered and you have to deal with the initial problem plus also the angry feelings as a result of the festering. Solving conflicts civilly and directly make sure that everyone leaves the table with an acceptance of how things have been resolved.


From the above-stated points, we can see that embracing technology, properly managing your enterprise and success go hand in hand. It is, therefore, crucial that small businesses invest in technology as best they can because it will help them go further than they could without it. One can prevent and manage the business conflicts as they come up in the workplace using these carefully crafted practices. When strife is solved quickly and efficiently, productivity and communication increase thereby making the work environment a good atmosphere to work.